The failure of Jerusalem (Jer 6:16-6:19)

“Thus says Yahweh.

‘Stand at the crossroads!


Ask for the ancient paths!

Where does the good way lie?

Walk in it!

Find rest for your souls!’

But they said.

‘We will not walk in it.’

I raised up sentinels for you.


‘Give heed to the sound of the trumpet!’

But they said.

‘We will not give heed.’

‘Therefore hear!

O nations!


O congregation!

What will happen to them?


O earth!

I am going to bring disaster

On this people.

This is the fruit of their schemes.

Because they have not given heed

To my words.

As for my teaching,

They have rejected it.’”

Yahweh, via Jeremiah, explains the failure of the people of Jerusalem. He wanted them to follow and walk on the ancient path of the good way, where they would find rest for their souls. However, they responded that they would not walk down this path. Then Yahweh sent sentinel prophets to sound the trumpet. However, once again they did not pay attention to this call to be on guard. Thus Yahweh announces to the world that disaster was going to come upon the people of Jerusalem. This was the result of their own schemes, since they did not listen to his words and teachings. Instead, they rejected the word of Yahweh.


The wise one (Sir 18:27-18:29)

“Whoever is wise

Is cautious in everything.

When sin is all around,

One guards against wrongdoing.

Every intelligent person

Knows wisdom.

He praises

Whoever finds her.

Whoever is skilled in words

Becomes wise themselves.

They pour forth apt proverbs.”

If you are wise, you are cautious in everything. When sin is all around, you are more on guard against it. The intelligent people know about wisdom. They praise anyone who has found wisdom. If you are skilled in words, you will be wise. Then the wise ones will pour out proverbs, as our wise friend Sirach has done here.