Yahweh is the answer (Ps 40:16-40:17)

“May all who seek you

Rejoice and be glad in you.

May those who love your salvation

Say continually.

‘Great is Yahweh!’

As for me,

I am poor and needy.

But Yahweh takes thought for me.

You are my help!

You are my deliverer!

Do not delay!

O my God!”

This psalm ends with the popular phrase “O my God” that appears so often as the surprise text expression, OMG. Yahweh is the answer for those who sought a life with rejoicing and gladness. Yahweh has a steadfast love for his followers since they continually say, “Yahweh is great.” This is somewhat like the Islamic “Allah is great.” As for the psalmist, he admits that that he is poor and needy. However, he puts his trust in Yahweh, who will help deliver him from various problems. All he asks is that there is no delay.