The splendor of the house of Yahweh (Hag 2:7-2:9)


The treasures

Of all the nations

Shall come.

I will fill this house

With splendor.’

Says Yahweh of hosts.

‘The silver is mine.

The gold is mine.’

Says Yahweh of hosts.

‘The latter splendor

Of this house

Shall be greater

Than the former.’

Says Yahweh of hosts.

‘In this place,

I will give prosperity.’

Says Yahweh of hosts.’”

These are 4 short quick sayings of Yahweh of hosts, via Haggai.  First, Yahweh said that the treasures of the various countries would come to him, as he was gong to fill his new house with splendor.  Secondly, the silver and gold already belonged to him.  Thirdly, Yahweh of hosts said that the splendor of the new house of Yahweh would be greater than the Temple built by David and Solomon.  Finally, there would be prosperity for all people around the Temple.

The role of a historian (2 Macc 2:29-2:31)

“The master builder of a new house must be concerned with the whole construction. However, the one who undertakes its painting and decoration has to consider only what is suitable for its adornment. Such in my judgment is the case with us. It is the duty of the original historian to occupy the ground, to discuss matters from every side, and to take trouble with details. However, the one who recasts the narrative should be allowed to strive for brevity of expression and to forego exhaustive treatment.”

Do not look for details in this presentation. That was the work of the original historian. This is something to remember when reading many of the books of the Bible. The builder of the house must be concerned with the whole construction. However, the painter only has to worry about how it looks. The original historian had to discuss matters from every side and go into the details. The painter, like himself, only is concerned with the narrative. He will be brief and not exhaustive in his presentation. He is not a historian, neither are any of the other biblical writers.