The place of the Temple (2 Chr 3:1-3:2)

“King Solomon began to build the house of Yahweh in Jerusalem on Mount Moriah, where Yahweh had appeared to his father King David. This is the place that King David had appointed, on the threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite. He began to build in the second month of the fourth year of his reign.”

During the description of the Temple in 1 Kings, chapter 5-7, there was no indication of where it is to be built. Here there is a clear reference to 1 Chronicles, 21, which in turn is based on 2 Samuel, chapter 24. Due to the fact that the pestilence stopped at the threshing floor of Ornan (1 Chronicles) or Araunah (2 Samuel), the city of Jerusalem was saved. Either King David had a vision from Yahweh or the prophet Gad had a vision and told King David to purchase this threshing floor. King David had built an altar there. Here it is called Mount Moriah, but this name is not mentioned elsewhere. King Solomon started building this temple in the fourth year of his reign, during the 2nd month as in 1 Kings. However, there is no mention of how long it took to finish the project here as in 1 Kings.