Mordecai tells Queen Esther not to be silent (Esth 4:12-4:14)

“When Hachratheus delivered her entire message to Mordecai, then Mordecai told him to go back and say to her.

‘Queen Esther,

Do not say to yourself

That you alone among all the Jews will escape alive.

If you keep quiet at such a time as this,

Help and protection will come to the Jews from another quarter.

You and your father’s family will perish.

Who knows whether it was not for such a time as this?

Was this why you were made queen?’”

After Hachratheus delivered Queen Esther’s message to Mordecai, he responded that she was not safe. She would be destroyed with all the other Jews. If she kept quiet at this time, divine help for other quarters would be needed. She and her whole family would perish. There was no mention of any children here since they would be half Persian and half Jewish. Mordecai hinted that perhaps this is why she was made queen, to intervene at this critical time.