The sick David (Ps 41:4-41:7)

“As for me,

I said.


Be gracious to me!

Heal me!

I have sinned against you!’

My enemies wonder in malice.

‘When I will die?

When will my name perish?’

When they come to see me,

They utter empty words.

While their hearts gather mischief,

When they go out,

They tell it abroad.

All who hate me

Whisper together about me.

They imagine the worst for me.”

David asks Yahweh to be gracious to him. He seems to have some kind of deadly illness. David admitted that he had sinned, but he still wanted to be healed. His enemies were malicious. They wondered when he would die. They wanted to see his name forgotten. However, they did come to see him with empty words. They were mischievous as they went to those who hated him. They whispered about him as they imagined the worst for him.

Description of the wicked (Ps 36:1-36:4)

To the choirmaster leader, a psalm of David, the servant of Yahweh

Transgression speaks to the wicked.

Deep in their hearts

There is no fear of God.

Before their eyes,

They flatter themselves in their own eyes.

They believe that their iniquity cannot be found out.

Therefore it cannot be hated.

The words of their mouths are mischief and deceit.

They have ceased to act wisely.

They have ceased to do good.

They plot mischief while on their beds.

They are set on a way that is not good.

They do not reject evil.”

In this Psalm 36, the title indicates that there was a choir leader. This psalm of David, called him the servant of Yahweh. There is a description of the wicked. Most of all they do not fear God. They are flatterers, mischievous, and deceitful. They think that no one knows what they are doing. They were always plotting mischief, even while in bed. Therefore they were not good and wise, but rather evil in their ways. They are on an evil path, not a good path.

Repay the wicked (Ps 28:3-28:5)

“Do not drag me away

With the wicked!

Do not drag me away

With those who are workers of evil!

Do not drag me away

With those who speak peace with their neighbors,

While mischief is in their hearts!

Repay them according to their work!

Repay them according to the evil of their deeds!

Repay them according to the work of their hands!

Render them their due reward!

They do not regard the works of Yahweh!

They do not regard the work of his hands!

He will break them down.

He will build them up no more.”

David wanted to be separated from the wicked evildoers. He was against those who did evil or pretended to be peaceful but were mischievous in their hearts. He wanted these evildoers to be repaid in full according to the evil works of their own hands. They never regarded the works of Yahweh and his hands. Therefore Yahweh should break them down and not build them up any more.