The attack on Dathema (1 Macc 5:29-5:34)

“They went all the way to the stronghold of Dathema. At dawn, they looked out and saw a large company that could not be counted, carrying ladders and engines of war to capture the stronghold. They were attacking the Jews within it. Judas saw that the battle had begun. The cry of the town went up to heaven with trumpets and loud shouts. Judas said to the men of his forces.

‘Fight today for your kindred’

Then he came up behind them in three companies. They sounded their trumpets. They cried aloud in prayer. When the army of Timothy realized that it was Maccabeus, they fled before him. He had dealt them a heavy blow. As many as eight thousand of them fell that day.”

Next Judas Maccabeus and his men went back to the stronghold of Dathema, where many of the Jews were at as was indicated earlier in this chapter. It must not have been that far from Bozrah since it only took one night to get there. However, when they arrived, the place was under attack by that wicked Timothy and his army. Judas Maccabeus called his troops to fight for their relatives. When Timothy and his group realized that Judas Maccabeus was attacking them, they fled with a loss of about 8,000 men.

Mattathias appoints his two sons (1 Macc 2:65-2:68)

“Here is your brother Simeon

Who I know is wise in counsel.

Always listen to him.

He shall be your father.

Judas Maccabeus has been a mighty warrior from his youth.

He shall command the army for you.

He shall fight the battle against the peoples.

You shall rally around you

All those who observe the law

You shall avenge the wrong done to your people.

Pay back the gentiles in full.

Obey the command of the law.”

John, his son, was the oldest, but there is no mention of him here. Here it is the 2nd son Simeon, and the 3rd son Judas, who was called Maccabeus. Simeon was to be like the father to them because of his wise counsel, while Judas was to lead the army. He wanted them to rally around those who follow the law. However, he wanted them to pay back the gentiles just as the law had commanded.