Isaiah heals King Hezekiah (Isa 38:21-38:22)

“Now Isaiah had said.

‘Let them take a lump of figs.

Apply it to the boil.

Thus he may recover.’

King Hezekiah also had said.

‘What is the sign

That I shall go up

To the house of Yahweh?”

Once again, this is almost word for word from 2 Kings, chapter 20. However it seems to be in the wrong place. This was better off earlier in this chapter when they were talking about the sign of the sundial since this section ends with King Hezekiah asking for a sign about when he should go to the house of Yahweh. He wanted to know how he would know that he was healed. Isaiah has healed King Hezekiah by taking a lump of figs and putting it on the boil.