Lost lover (Song 5:8-5:8)

Female lover

“I adjure you!

O daughters of Jerusalem!

If you find my beloved,

Tell him this.

I am faint with love.”

This reference to the daughters of Jerusalem is somewhat the same as in chapters 2 and 3, when the male lover asked them to restrain him. Here the female lover wants them to find her lover, because she is love sick.

Lost lover (Song 3:1-3:3)

Female lover

“Upon my bed at night

I sought him

Whom my soul loves.

I sought him.

But I did not find him.

I called him.

But he gave no answer.

‘I will rise now.

I will go about the city,

In the streets,

In the squares.

I will seek him

Whom my soul loves.’

I sought him.

But I did not find him.

The sentinels found me,

As they went about in the city.

‘Have you seen him

Whom my soul loves?’”

It seems that the male lover has left the female lover. She is alone. Once again there is a repetition of verses. She seeks him whom her soul loves but cannot find. She called his name, but there was no answer. She decided to go out in the city at night into the streets and squares. Where was her lover? Finally, she met the sentinels or the night watchmen as they went about the city. She asked them if they had seen him.