Life with Christ (chapter 3)

Paul wanted Titus to remind the people of Crete to respect, submit, and obey rulers and authorities.  They should be nice to one another.  They should not speak evil or quarrel with other people.  They should be gentle and show courtesy to each other.  We were once foolish, disobedient, passionate, and pleasure seeking, pursuing malice, evil and hatred.  Then the good and kind loving Savior appeared.  Jesus Christ saved us not because of any good deed that we had done, but out of his mercy.  God washed and regenerated us with the renewal of the Holy Spirit who was poured out on us through Jesus Christ, our Savior.  Thus, we have been justified by grace and have become hopeful heirs to eternal life.  Paul insisted that Titus speak about these things, so that those who believe in God would do good deeds.  Do you do good deeds?