King Solomon establishes his kingdom (2 Chr 1:1-1:1)

“King Solomon son of King David established himself in his kingdom. Yahweh his God was with him. He made him exceedingly great.”

2 Chronicles will emphasis the Davidic line with King Solomon and the other kings of Judah until the Exile. This biblical author continues the story of King David and King Solomon with a nice simple statement about King Solomon, the son of King David. He became king before the death of this father. Now it was assumed that King David is dead, although we did not learn much about his funeral. There was some intrigue that led to Solomon, not the oldest son, becoming the king of Israel, as can be seen in 1 Kings, chapters 1-3, but that is not here. Here Yahweh was with King Solomon and made him great. There is nothing here about the politics behind his establishment of the kingdom.