King Joash defeats the new king of the Arameans (2 Kings 13:24-13:25)

“When King Hazael of Aram died, his son King Ben-hadad succeeded him. Then King Joash son of King Jehoahaz took again from King Ben-hadad son of King Hazael the towns that he had taken from his father King Jehoahaz in war. Three times Joash defeated him and recovered the towns of Israel from his rule.”

After the death of King Hazael of the Arameans, his son King Ben-hadad III took over. As I mentioned earlier in this chapter since King Ben-hadad II was killed by King Hazael, why would his son have the same name as the king he killed? Perhaps they were friends when he was born. Anyway, King Joash was successful 3 times in defeating the new king of the Arameans, just as Elisha had predicted. However, he did not destroy him. In each case, they got back some of the Israelite towns, that were switching back and forth.