The interpretation of Peres (Dan 5:28-5:28)

“‘Peres means

Your kingdom

Is divided.

It will be given

To the Medes.

It will be given

To the Persians.’”

Daniel said that Peres means that King Belshazzar’s kingdom will be divided and given to the Medes and the Persians.

The interpretation of Mene (Dan 5:26-5:26)

“This is the interpretation

Of the matter.

‘Mene means

God has numbered

The days

Of your kingdom.

It will be brought

To an end.’”

Daniel then gave his official interpretation of the Arabic Mene. This meant that God had numbered the days King Belshazzar’s kingdom, because it would come to an end. This should not be shocking, since all things come to an end.