King Ahab prepares for battle (1 Kings 20:15-20:18)

Then King Ahab mustered the young men who served the district governors, two hundred thirty-two. After them he mustered all the people of Israel, seven thousand. They went out at noon, while King Ben-hadad was drinking himself drunk in the booths, he and the thirty-two kings allied with him. The young men who served the district governors went out first. King Ben-hadad had sent out scouts. They reported to him. ‘Men have come out from Samaria.’ King Ben-hadad said. ‘If they have come out for peace, take them alive. If they have come out for war, also take them alive.’”

King Ahab got his men together, the elite 232 who served the district governors. He also had 7,000 other troops. It is hard to believe that they were all in Samaria. He decided to go out at noon. King Ben-hadad and his men were drinking and getting drunk. I guess they started early or had not slept from the night before. However, King Ben-hadad had scouts go out to check what was happening. In a strange order, he took his scouts to take them alive whether they came peacefully or not.