King Agrippa II arrives (Acts 25:13)

“After several days had passed,

King Agrippa

And Bernice arrived

At Caesarea

To welcome Festus.”

Ἡμερῶν δὲ διαγενομένων τινῶν Ἀγρίππας ὁ βασιλεὺς καὶ Βερνίκη κατήντησαν εἰς Καισαρίαν ἀσπασάμενοι τὸν Φῆστον.

The author of Acts indicated that after several days had passed (Ἡμερῶν δὲ διαγενομένων τινῶν), King Agrippa (Ἀγρίππας ὁ βασιλεὺς) and Bernice (καὶ Βερνίκη) arrived (κατήντησαν) at Caesarea (εἰς Καισαρίαν) to welcome or greet (ἀσπασάμενοι) Festus (τὸν Φῆστον).  King Agrippa II was the son of King Agrippa I who died in chapter 12.  Thus, he was the great grandson of Herod the Great that was in Matthew, chapter 2.  This King Agrippa II was the last of his family to have the title of king of Judea.  He lost his title with the Jewish revolt in 66 CE that led to the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple in 70 CE.  Beatrice was actually his sister, but she also was his consort of some kind.  They as the titular head of Judea came to meet the new Roman Governor of Judea.  Drusilla, the wife of former Governor Felix was also his sister.  Thus, it was natural for them to meet the new governor, since the old governor was his brother-in-law.  How does your family get along?