Yahweh honors the eunuchs (Isa 56:3-56:5)

“Do not let the foreigners

Joined to Yahweh say,

‘Yahweh will surely separate me

From his people.’

Do not let the eunuch say,

‘I am just a dry tree.’

Thus says Yahweh.

‘To the eunuchs

Who keep my Sabbath,

Who choose the things that please me,

Who hold fast to my covenant,

I will give,

In my house,

Within my walls,

A monument.

I will give a name

Better than sons,

Better than daughters.

I will give them an everlasting name.

They shall not be cut off.’”

For some reason, eunuchs, who had their testicles removed, were looked down upon. However, Yahweh, here in Third Isaiah, seems to honor them if they are faithful to Yahweh. If they keep the Sabbath, do what Yahweh wants done, and keep the covenant, Yahweh will find a monument place for them in his house, within his walls. They would not be able to say that they were like dry trees. In fact, they will have a better name than a son or daughter. They will have an everlasting name that will never be cut off. This is a very strong statement on eunuchs.

Yahweh blesses the happy ones (Isa 56:1-56:2)

“Thus says Yahweh.

‘Maintain justice!

Do what is right!

Soon my salvation will come!

My deliverance will be revealed.

Happy is the mortal

Who does this!

He holds this fast.

He keeps the Sabbath.

He does not profane it.

He refrains from doing any evil.’”

This is the beginning of what is often called Third Isaiah, after the Israelites had returned from the Exile and settled in Israel. Here we have a brief description of the happy blessed ones. Yahweh set out the rules they were to follow. They had to maintain justice and do what is right. Salvation and deliverance were soon to come. These happy ones would have to keep the Sabbath, by not profaning it. They also had to refrain from doing any evil. This seems simple enough.