Job’s plea to God (Job 30:20-30:23)

“I cry to you!

You do not answer me.

I stand!

You merely look at me.

You have turned cruel to me.

With the might of your hand

You persecute me!

You lift me up on the wind!

You make me ride on it!

You toss me about in the roar of the storm!

I know that you will bring me to death.

I know that you will bring me

To the house appointed for all living.”

Job turned to God directly. He has been crying out to him, but Job believed that God was not listening. He stood, but merely got a gaze as if he was not there. Job believed that God had been cruel to him. He felt that he was being persecuted by God. God had led him into the windy storms of life. He knew he was going to die. However, Job wanted to be with the living.