Jeremiah responds (Jer 44:20-44:20)

“Then Jeremiah said

To all the people,



All the people,

Who were giving him

This answer.”

Jeremiah will respond to all the people. It is hard to figure out how this is taking place since they were scattered in various towns in Egypt. However, he clearly wants to make his point to the men and the women who had responded to him. Notice that there is no hierarchy of officials or leaders, but just the common generic men and women, but it is all the people.

Jeremiah responds (Jer 42:4-42:4)

“The prophet Jeremiah

Said to them.

‘Very well!

I am going to pray

To Yahweh

Your God,

As you request.

Whatever Yahweh

Answers you,

I will tell you.

I will keep nothing back

From you.’”

The prophet Jeremiah responded to their request to intercede with Yahweh about their future. He was willing to pray to their God, not just his God, Yahweh, as they had asked. Whatever response he got back from Yahweh, he was going to tell them. He was not going to hide or sugarcoat anything that Yahweh had to say.