Israel and the law (Rom 9:31)


Who pursued


That is based

On the law,

Did not succeed

In fulfilling that law.”

Ἰσραὴλ δὲ διώκων νόμον δικαιοσύνης εἰς νόμον οὐκ ἔφθασεν.

Paul noted that “Israel (Ἰσραὴλ), who pursued (δὲ διώκων) righteousness (δικαιοσύνης) that is based on the law (νόμον) did not succeed in fulfilling (οὐκ ἔφθασεν) that law (εἰς νόμον).”  Paul indicated that Israel pursued the righteousness of the law, but did not succeed.  They were trying to follow the law of righteousness, but did not get there.  Could you succeed by not trying and yet fail by trying to reach righteousness?