Wisdom versus strength (Eccl 9:13-9:16)

“I have also seen this example of wisdom

Under the sun.

It seemed great to me.

There was a little city

With few men in it.

A great king came against it.

He besieged it.

He built great siege works against it.

Now there was found in it

A poor wise man.

He by his wisdom delivered the city.

Yet no one remembered that poor man.

So I said.

‘Wisdom is better than might.

Yet the poor man’s wisdom is despised.

His words are not heeded.’”

Qoheleth has an interesting story about a great king who went after a small city with a few people in it. He set up siege works against this town, but a poor wise man helped to save the city. The problem is that no one remembered the poor wise man. Thus Qoheleth proclaimed that wisdom was better than strength. However the poor wise person is now despised. No one listened to his words.