Become bald (Mic 1:16-1:16)

Make yourselves bald!

Cut off your hair

For your pampered children!

Make yourselves

As bald

As the eagle!

They have gone

From you

Into exile.”

Being bald was a sign of mourning.  Yahweh, via Micah wanted the Israelites to become bald, by cutting off their hair.  They should be as bald as a bald eagle, because they were going to go into exile.

The prophecy against Amaziah (Am 7:16-7:17)


Hear the word of Yahweh!

You say.

‘Do not prophesy

Against Israel!

Do not preach

Against the house of Isaac!


Thus says Yahweh.

‘Your wife shall become

A prostitute in the city.

Your sons,

Your daughters,

Shall fall by the sword.

Your land

Shall be parceled out

By line.

You yourself shall die

In an unclean land.

Israel shall surely

Go into exile

Away from its land.’”

Amos wanted Amaziah to hear the word of Yahweh that he had heard. While Amaziah had said not to prophesize in Israel or against the house of Israel, Yahweh, via Amos, responded by telling him that his wife would become a prostitute in the city. Both his sons and daughters would die by the sword. His land would be parceled out by the line. Finally, Amaziah would die in a foreign unclean land, because Israel was going to be sent into exile into a land far from there. This was a very strong rebuke of Amaziah.