Pity for Judah (Hos 1:7-1:7)

“But I will have pity

On the house of Judah.

I will save them

By Yahweh,

Their God.

I will not save them

By bow,

Or by sword,

Or by war,

Or by horses,

Or by horsemen.”

Apparently, this was a later insertion that Yahweh was still going to have pity on the southern kingdom of Judah. Yahweh, their God, would save them, but this was Yahweh speaking. He was not going to save them by bow, sword, war, horses, or horsemen. In other words, he would not interfere, but at the same time still save the house of Judah, because he loved and pitied them.

Servants (Prov 30:10-30:10)

“Do not slander a servant to his master.

Otherwise the servant will curse you.

You will be held guilty.”

Don’t complain to a master about his servant. The servant might curse you. You might be held guilty in the eyes of the master. Do not interfere in other people’s household staff.