The prophet Elisha goes to Damascus (2 Kings 8:7-8:8)

“Elisha went to Damascus. King Ben-hadad of Aram was sick. When it was told him, ‘the man of God has come here,’ the king said to Hazael. ‘Take a present with you and go to meet the man of God. Inquire of Yahweh through him, whether I shall recover from this sickness?’”

Elisha seems to have good personal relationships with the king of the Arameans, probably King Ben-hadad II. Hazael was one of the top people under King Ben-hadad II.   Actually, you may recall that Elijah had the command to anoint Hazael the king of the Arameans, in 1 Kings, chapter 19, so that he would then inflict punishment on Israel and Judah. Elisha and not Elijah will fulfill this prophecy. Hazael ruled as king of the Arameans from 886-840 BCE.   King Ben-hadad II sent him with a present for Elisha. He wanted to know from Elisha if he was going to recover from his sickness.