Certain elders of Israel come to Ezekiel (Ezek 14:1-14:3)

“Certain elders of Israel

Came to me.

They sat down

Before me.

The word of Yahweh

Came to me.

‘Son of man!

These men have taken

Their idols

Into their hearts.

They placed their iniquity

As a stumbling block

Before them.

Shall I let myself

Be consulted

By them?’”

Apparently, certain elders of Israel came to Ezekiel to sit in front of him. While they were there, the word of Yahweh came to Ezekiel. Yahweh told him, the son of man, that these men had taken idols to heart. They had placed their iniquity as a stumbling block. Why would Yahweh or Ezekiel consult with them?