Idolaters (chapter 1)

Paul said that humans have taken up ungodliness and wickedness, but the wrath of God has been revealed. People have tried to make God’s invisible image into a manmade human idol.  Paul stood firmly against the idol worship system that was common in Rome, much like a Hellenistic Jewish apologist.  Paul spoke about the wicked suppression of the truth.  God had revealed himself through creation.  The idol worshippers had senseless foolish hearts.  They had become fools by worshipping various human idols.  They worshipped the various creatures of this world rather than the Creator.  They had debased minds, as they had degraded their bodies.  These idolaters were really wicked bad people, who were so ruthless that they even applauded evildoers.  Have you ever approved or applauded people who were doing wicked things?

Against idolaters (Isa 57:11-57:13)

“Whom did you dread?

Whom did you fear?

Thus you lied.

You did not remember me.

You did not give me a thought.

Have I not kept silent?

Have I not closed by eyes?

Thus you do not fear me.

I will concede your righteousness.

I will concede your works.

But they will not help you.

When you cry out,

Let your collection of idols

Deliver you!

The wind will carry them off.

A breath will take them away.

Whoever takes refuge in me

Shall possess the land.

They shall inherit

My holy mountain.”

Third Isaiah warns in the first person singular what Yahweh has done with these idolaters. They no longer dreaded or feared Yahweh. They had lied to him. They did not remember or give him any thought. Yahweh had been silent and closed his eyes, so that they no longer feared him. Even though they might have been righteous and done some good things, these actions would no longer help them. If they had a problem, let them call their collection of idols to help them. The wind will carry away their useless idols. On the other hand, anyone who takes refuge in Yahweh will possess the land. They will inherit his holy mountain.