Blessing God and his name (Dan 3:29-3:31)

“Blessed are you!

O Lord!

God of our ancestors!

You are to be praised!

You are highly exalted forever!

Blessed is

Your glorious,

Holy name!

It is to be highly praised!

It is to be highly exalted forever!

Blessed are you

In the temple

Of your holy glory!

You are to be extolled!

You are to be

Highly glorified forever!”

The 3 men together in the furnace now broke into a prayer or hymn of praise to God. First, they blessed God, the God of their ancestors, who is not called Yahweh. He was to be praised and exalted forever. Next, they blessed his glorious holy name that should also be praised and exalted forever. Finally, they blessed the temple of his glory. God was to be highly glorified forever.

Hymn of praise (Sir 15:9-15:10)

“A hymn of praise is unseemly

On the lips of a sinner.

It has not been sent

From the Lord.

A hymn of praise should be

Uttered in wisdom.

The Lord will make it prosper.”

A sinner should not sing a hymn of praise because it has not been sent by the Lord. Those with wisdom should utter a hymn of praise. The Lord will make them prosper.