The importance of fire to Moses and Solomon (2 Macc 2:9-2:12)

“It was also made clear

That being possessed of wisdom,

Solomon offered sacrifice for the dedication

And completion of the temple.

Just as Moses prayed to the Lord,

Fire came down from heaven

And devoured the sacrifices.

So also Solomon prayed,

And the fire came down

The fire consumed the whole burnt offerings.

Moses said.

‘They were consumed

Because the sin offering had not been eaten.’

Likewise Solomon also kept the eight days.”

There is no question that the wise King Solomon offered a great sacrifice for the dedication and completion of the Temple in 1 Kings, chapters 5-9. When Moses prayed, the Lord sent fire from heaven to devour the sacrifices as in Leviticus, chapter 10. The same thing happened to King Solomon who also had an 8 day celebration.