Instructions about the poor (Sir 4:1-4:5)

“My child!

Do not cheat the poor of their living!

Do not keep needy eyes waiting!

Do not grieve the hungry!

Do not anger one in need!

Do not add to the troubles of the desperate!

Do not delay giving to the needy!

Do not reject a suppliant in distress!

Do not turn your face away from the poor!

Do not avert your eye from the needy!

Do not give anyone a reason to curse you!”

Here are a series of instructions about how you were to treat poor people. You should not cheat them of the living wages. You should not keep them waiting or grieving. You should not make them angry or desperate. You should not delay their requests. You should not turn your face or eye away from the poor. You should not give them any reason to curse at you.