Transcendence of God

Transcendent means beyond this material world around us.  Immanent is the opposite, within this world.  This mysterious reality of a transcendent God is not a thing, but a being, a personal being, beyond all personality that is all-powerful and all gentle.  This transcendent mystery may be sometimes contradictory, yet we try to live in harmony and in accord with this unknown.  An encounter with mystery is an experience that we feel is a part of our lives.  Thus, a personal encounter with a personal mystery is an attempt to explain our human relationship with God.  How is reading the Bible an encounter with a transcendent God?

Yahweh and Jeremiah (Jer 16:1-16:1)

“The word of Yahweh

Came to me.”

This simple sentence explains Jeremiah and his relationship to Yahweh. The word of God, Yahweh, came directly to him. His words and life style will be a symbolic presentation of Yahweh’s words to him.