Bathing in the garden (Dan 13:15-13:16)


While they were watching

For an opportune day,

Susanna went in,

As before,

With only two maids.

She wished to bathe

In the garden.

It was a hot day.

No one was there,

Except the two elders,

Who had hidden themselves.

They were watching her.”

The two elder judges kept looking for the right moment. Apparently, that day had come. As it was a hot day, Susanna, with her two female maids, wanted to take a bath in the garden. She did not know that the two elder judges had hid themselves in the garden to watch her.

The coming punishment for the king and his family (Jer 36:30-36:31)

“Therefore thus says Yahweh                           

Concerning King Jehoiakim

Of Judah.

‘He shall have no one

To sit upon the throne

Of David.

His dead body

Shall be cast out

To the heat

By day

As well as the frost

By night.

I will punish him,

His offspring,

As well as his servants

For their iniquity.

I will bring

On them,

On the inhabitants of Jerusalem,

On the people of Judah,

All the disasters

With which I have threatened them.

But they would not hear.’”

Yahweh delivered his judgment against King Jehoiakim and his royal family. No one in his family will ever sit on the throne of David. Actually, at his death, his son Coniah, King Jehoiachin ruled for a couple of months before King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon put his uncle King Zedekiah on the throne in 598 BCE. King Jehoiakim’s dead body would lie out in the cold night and the hot day. The king, his children, and his servants would suffer for their iniquity. On top of that, Yahweh was going to bring disasters to the people of Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem. This will all happen because they had not listened to Yahweh.