Honor Yahweh (Isa 43:20-43:21)

“The wild animals will honor me.

The jackals will honor me.

The ostriches will honor me.

I give water in the wilderness.

I give rivers in the desert

To give drink

To my chosen people.

They are the people

Whom I formed for myself

That they might declare my praise.”

Second Isaiah has Yahweh continue in the first person singular, saying that the wild animals will honor him. However, he only lists the jackals and the ostriches. Yahweh has provided water in the wilderness by providing rivers in the desert. Thus his specially chosen people could also give praise, just like the wild animals have. The wild animals seemed to appreciate the water more than Yahweh’s chosen people. Apparently on the return from Babylon, they passed through a desert wilderness in Syria some place.

Honor Yahweh (Prov 3:9-3:10)

“Honor Yahweh

With your substance.

Honor Yahweh

With the first fruits of all your produce.

Then your barns will be filled with plenty of wheat.

Your vats will be bursting with wine.”

If you honor Yahweh with your goods, and especially the first fruits of your harvest, then your barns will be filled with wheat and other crops. Your vats will be bursting with wine. It seems that this was an agricultural society with wheat and grapes as the dominant crop.