Building of the Temple (Wis 9:8-9:8)

“You have given a command

To build a temple

On your holy mountain.

You have given a command

To build an altar

In the city of your habitation.

This will be a copy

Of the holy tent

That you prepared from the beginning.”

God commanded Solomon to build a temple on his holy mountain (ὄρει ἁγίῳ σου). He was to build an altar in his city of Jerusalem. This was to be a copy of the holy tent that existed from the beginning at the time of the Exodus story, chapters 25-40.

The liturgy of Yahweh (Ps 15:1-15:1)

A psalm of David.


Who may abide in your tent?

Who may dwell on your holy hill?”

Who can be admitted into the worship of Yahweh? The title of this very short Psalm 15 is merely that of David. Clearly it is tied to the temple worship. Who can enter Yahweh’s holy tent and holy hill? The conditions for entering will be outlined in the next few verses.