Holofernes wants Achior sent away (Jdt 6:5-6:9)

“As for you, Achior,

You Ammonite mercenary,

You have said these words in a moment of perversity.

You shall not see my face again from this day

Until I take revenge on this race that came out of Egypt.

Then at my return,

The sword of my army

And the spear of my servants shall pierce your sides.

You shall fall among their wounded.

Now my slaves are going to take you back into the hill country.

They are going to put you in one of the towns beside the passes.

You will not die until you perish along with them.

If you really hope in your heart that they will not be taken,

Then do not look downcast!

I have spoken.

None of my words shall fail to come true.”

Then Holofernes turned back to Achior. He would never see his face again. After he had defeated the Israelites from Egypt, then he would pierce his sides. In the meantime, he was going to be put him into a town in the hill country between the mountain passes. If he wanted to live, he should hope that the Israelites win. Once again Holofernes was insistent that his words would come true.