Yahweh has destroyed his own Temple (Lam 2:6-2:6)



Has broken down

His booth

Like a garden.

He has destroyed

His tabernacle.

Yahweh has abolished


Along with the Sabbath

In Zion.

His fierce indignation

Has spurned Kings

As well as priests.”

Yahweh has destroyed his own booth or tabernacle. Yahweh has abolished all Sabbath and festival worship services, mainly because there was no more Temple. In his fierce indignation, Yahweh has turned against his kings and priests. After all, a lot of people have died or gone into Babylonian captivity or, like Jeremiah, gone to Egypt or other places. This verse starts with the Hebrew consonant letter Vav. Each verse after this will use the next letter of the Hebrew alphabet in this acrostic poem.