Yahweh brings peace (Ps 85:8-85:9)

“Let me hear what

God Yahweh will speak.

He will speak peace

To his people.

He will speak peace

To his faithful.

He will speak peace

To those who turn to him in their hearts.

Surely his salvation is at hand

For those who fear him.

Thus glory may dwell in our land.”

The psalmist wanted to hear Yahweh speak. He wanted to hear him speak about peace. He wanted Yahweh to bring peace to his people. He wanted Yahweh to bring peace to his faithful ones who turned to him in their hearts. Salvation was at hand for those who feared Yahweh because the glory of God dwelt in the land. This glory of God probably refers to the Temple in Jerusalem.

Do good (Ps 37:27-37:28)


“Depart from evil!

Do good!

Thus you shall abide forever.

Yahweh loves justice.

He will not forsake his faithful ones.”

Yahweh wanted his followers to avoid evil and do good. He would then stay with them forever. Is this a hint at an eternal life? Yahweh loves justice so that he would never desert his faithful followers.

Praise of Yahweh (Ps 31:23-31:24)

“Love Yahweh!

All of you!

His saints!

Yahweh preserves the faithful!

However he abundantly repays the one who acts haughtily.

Be strong!

Let your heart take courage!

All you who wait for Yahweh!”

This psalm ended with David wanting all of the people to love Yahweh. They were the holy saints of Israel. Yahweh had preserved his faithful. On the other hand, Yahweh had repaid all those who acted haughtily. He wanted the faithful to be strong and courageous, as they waited for Yahweh to act.