Help me because of your steadfast love (Ps 109:26-109:31)

“Help me!


My God!

Save me according to your steadfast love!

Let them know that this is your hand.

You have done it!


Let them curse!

But you will bless!

Let my assailants be put to shame!

May your servant be glad!

May my accusers be clothed with dishonor!

May they be wrapped in their own shame as in a mantle!

With my mouth

I will give great thanks to Yahweh.

I will praise him

In the midst of the throng!

He stands at the right hand of the needy.

He wants to save them

From those who would condemn them to death.”

David turned the tables as this psalm ends. He wanted Yahweh to help him because of his steadfast love. He wanted Yahweh to show his hand. He wanted Yahweh to curse his enemies, not him. He wanted the blessing of Yahweh. He wanted his accusers clothed in shame, while he was to be happy. He was going to give great praise to Yahweh in a large gathering. Yahweh was going to stand at the right hand of the needy. Thus he was going to save them from those who wanted to condemn them to death.

David wants protection (Ps 109:20-108:25)

“May this be the reward of my accusers

From Yahweh.

This is the reward for those who speak evil against my life!

O God!


You act on my behalf for your name’s sake!

Because your steadfast love is good,

Deliver me!

I am poor and needy.

My heart is pierced within me.

I am gone,

Like a shadow at evening.

I am shaken off like a locust.

My knees are weak through fasting.

My body has become gaunt.

I am an object of scorn to my accusers.

When they see me,

They shake their heads.”

Now David turns to Yahweh to be saved from these evil people who were talking about him. He wanted Yahweh to act on his behalf for his name’s sake. He relied on the steadfast love of Yahweh to deliver him from this terrible situation. David admitted that he was poor and needy. His heart was pierced. He had become like an evening shadow. He had been tossed away like a locust. His knees were weak from fasting. His body had become gaunt. He had become the object of scorn to his accusers. When they saw him, they would shake their heads in dismay.

God be near to me (Ps 71:12-71:16)

“O God!

Do not be far from me!

O my God!

Make haste to help me!

Let my accusers be put to shame!

Let them be consumed!

Let those who seek to hurt me

Be covered with scorn and disgrace!

But I will hope continually!

I will praise you,

Yet more and more!

My mouth will tell

Of your righteous acts!

My mouth will tell

Of your deeds of salvation,

All day long,

Even though their number is past my knowledge.

I will come praising

The mighty deeds of Yahweh.

I will praise your righteousness,

Yours alone.”

Once again, this aging psalmist wanted God to be close to him. He wanted it to happen quickly. The theme of bringing the pursuers to shame came out again. There is an idea of a curse to those who were wicked. He wanted his accusers put to shame and consumed. Anyone who tried to hurt him, he wanted them covered with scorn and disgrace. However, he was going to still hope and praise Yahweh more and more. All day long he would tell people about Yahweh and his marvelous deeds that were too numerable to mention. He was going to praise the righteous God, Yahweh alone.