The curse on Jerusalem (Zeph 3:1-3:2)

“Woe to the soiled city!

Woe to the defiled city!

Woe to the rebellious city!

Woe to the oppressing city!

She has listened to no voice.

She has accepted no correction.

She has not trusted

In Yahweh.

She has not drawn near

To her God.”

Jerusalem, the city itself, was to be cursed because it was a soiled, defiled, rebellious, and oppressing city.  Jerusalem would not listen to any voice or accept any correction.  She had not trusted in Yahweh, nor drawn near to her God.  Jerusalem was in bad shape.

Judith and food (Jdt 12:1-12:4)

“Then General Holofernes commanded them to bring Judith in where his silverware was kept. He ordered them to set a table for her with some of his own delicacies, and some of his own wine to drink. But Judith said.

‘I cannot partake of them.

It will be an offense.

But I will have enough with the things I brought with me.’

General Holofernes said to her.

‘If your supply runs out,

Where can we get more of the same?

None of your people are here with us.’

Judith replied.

‘As surely as you live, my lord,

Your servant will not use up the supplies

That I have with me

Before the Lord carries out by my hand

What he has determined to do.’”

General Holofernes was setting out his silverware with all his delicacies and wine for Judith. Judith reminded him that she could not eat his food because that would offend her God since she had brought enough food for herself. She never mentioned her maid. However, the general insisted, what happens if your food runs out? Where can we get more food like that since none of her people were with her? She replied that she was not going to use up all her supplies because God was going to help her carry out her plan very soon.