The warning against Oholibah (Ezek 23:22-23:22)


O Oholibah!

Thus says Yahweh God!

‘I will rouse

Against you

Your lovers

From whom

You turned

In disgust.

I will bring them

Against you

From every side.’”

Yahweh, via Ezekiel, warned Oholibah, Jerusalem, that he was going to get all her former lovers together. They were going to turn against her from every side. There was big trouble brewing.

Yahweh’s judgment of Jerusalem (Ezek 16:38-16:39)

“I will judge you

As a woman

Who commits adultery.

I will judge you

As one who sheds blood.

I will bring

Blood upon you

In wrath,

In jealousy.

I will deliver you

Into their hands.

They shall throw down

Your platform.

They shall break down

Your lofty places.

They shall strip you

Of your clothes.

They will take

Your beautiful objects.

They will leave you naked.

They will leave you bare.”

Yahweh was going to pass judgment on Jerusalem. He was going to treat Jerusalem like a woman who had committed adultery. He was going to judge her as one who had shed blood. Yahweh was going to bring his wrath and jealousy upon her. He was going to hand her over to her former lovers. They would throw down her platforms and break up her lofty places that were at the street corners and in the public squares. They would strip her of her clothes and take her beautiful jewels. Finally, they would leave her naked and bare.