The death of the son of the Shunammite woman (2 Kings 4:18-4:21)

“When the child was older, he went out one day to his father among the reapers. He complained to his father. ‘Oh, my head, my head!’ The father said to his servant. ‘Carry him to his mother.’ He carried him and brought him to his mother. The child sat on her lap until noon. Then he died. She went up and laid him on the bed of the man of God. She closed the door on him and left.”

One day, as the child was older, he had a headache and complained to his father who was in the field reaping, which meant that he was not that old that he could not work. His father told a servant to bring him back to his mother. She held him in her lap until noon before he died. She took the dead child to the room of Elisha in her house. She laid him on the bed of the man of God, closed the door and left. This seems like a tragedy for this family, a miraculous birth and then a tragic death.

Jeroboam’s son dies (1 Kings 14:17-14:18)

Then Jeroboam’s wife got up and went away. She came to Tirzah. As she came to the threshold of the house, the child died. All Israel buried him and mourned for him, according to the word of Yahweh, which he spoke by his servant Ahijah the prophet.”

Everything happened the way that Ahijah had said. As soon as Jeroboam’s wife stepped on the threshold of her house, the child died. All Israel mourned and buried him. Tirzah had been an ancient Canaanite city that was among the long list that Joshua conquered in Joshua, chapter 12. Somehow the power shifted from Shechem, where the great meeting took place in chapter 12, to Tirzah where Jeroboam lived.