King Antiochus VII sends a letter to Simon (1 Macc 15:1-15:1)

“Antiochus, the son of King Demetrius, sent a letter from the islands of the sea to Simon, the priest and ethnarch of the Jews, and to the whole nation.”

Now we have a new king of the Seleucid dynasty. King Demetrius II has been taken hostage by the Persians. King Antiochus VII (138-129 BCE) was the brother of King Demetrius II and the son of King Demetrius I. He had married Cleopatra III, the same lady who had married King Demetrius II and King Alexander I. This would be her 3rd husband in this family. When the king lost the throne, his wife went to the new king. He is the one who sent a letter to Simon, the ethnarch of the Jews.