The blessing of Tobias for the journey (Tob 5:17-5:17)

“Then Tobit called his son Tobias. He said to him.

‘Son, prepare supplies for the journey.

Set out with your brother.

May God in heaven bring you safely there!

May you return in good health to me!

May his angel, my son, accompany you both for your safety!’

Before he went out to start his journey, he kissed his father and mother. Tobit then said to him.

‘Have a safe journey.’”

Tobit gave a blessing to his son. He was concerned with his safety. He told him to prepare for the journey. He sent him with his new brother. He prayed that God in heaven would bring him back safe and in good health. In ironic terms he prays for his angel to protect him, when in fact, the angel Raphael was with him. They then kissed and he said, once again, have a safe journey.