Tobit meets and blesses his daughter-in-law (Tob 11:16-11:18)

“Then Tobit, rejoicing and praising God, went out to meet his daughter-in-law at the gate of Nineveh. When the people of Nineveh saw Tobit coming, walking along in full vigor and with no one leading him, they were amazed. Before them all, Tobit acknowledged that God had been merciful to him. God had restored his sight. When Tobit met Sarah, the wife of his son Tobias, he blessed her, saying.

‘Come in, my daughter!


Blessed be your God!

God has brought you to us, my daughter.

Blessed are your father and your mother!

Blessed be my son, Tobias!

Blessed be you, my daughter!

Come in now to your home!

Welcome with blessing and joy!

Come in, my daughter!’

On that day there was rejoicing among all the Jews who were in Nineveh. Ahikar and his nephew Nadab were also present to share Tobit’s joy. With merriment they celebrated Tobias’ wedding feast for seven days. Many gifts were given to him.”

Tobit was all excited to greet his new daughter-in-law. He was rejoicing and praising God. When the people of Nineveh say that Tobit was getting around without any help, they were all amazed. Tobit said that God had been good to him and took mercy on him. God had restored his sight. When Tobit met Sarah, the wife of his son, he blessed God and her. He welcomed her into his house. He blessed God, Tobias, Sarah, and the parents of Sarah. He especially welcomed her into his house as he said, “Come my daughter.” Tobit’s nephew the Persian official Ahikar with his nephew Nadab was there at the wedding feast also.