Ezra’s prayer to Yahweh (Ezra 7:27-7:28)

“Blessed be Yahweh,

The God of our ancestors,

He put such a thing as this into the heart of the king,

To glorify the house of Yahweh in Jerusalem.

He extended to me steadfast love

Before the king and his counselors,

Before all the king’s mighty officers.

I took courage,

For the hand of Yahweh my God was upon me.

I gathered leading men from Israel to go up with me.”

All of a sudden, instead of being about Ezra, now Ezra speaks in the first person singular. This becomes his book like no other biblical book. This is like a prophetic letter from one individual point of view. In a certain sense, it truly is the prayer of the scribe, Ezra. Yahweh is to be praised as the God of his ancestors. Yahweh has made the king of Persia glorify the house of Yahweh in Jerusalem. He has shown his love for Ezra before the kings and his counselors. Ezra had courage because Yahweh was with him. He will gather other leading Israelites to return to Israel.