The scattered sheep (Ezek 34:5-34:6)

“The sheep

Were scattered,

Because there was

No shepherd.


They became food

For all the wild animals.

My sheep

Were scattered.

They wandered

Over all the mountains.

They wandered

On every high hill.

My sheep

Were scattered

Over all the face

Of the earth.

There was no one

To search

For them.

There was no one

To seek

For them.”

Yahweh, via Ezekiel, said that his sheep were scattered, because there was no shepherd to lead them. Thus, these sheep became food for all the wild animals, perhaps an allusion to the attacks of the Assyrians and the Babylonians. The sheep of Israel and Judah were scattered, so that they wandered into the mountains and the high hills, perhaps an allusion to the high places of idol worship. His sheep were scattered all over all the face of the earth, perhaps an allusion to the captivity. Finally, there was no leader or shepherd to go out to search and look for them. They were the lost sheep of Israel.

The hope for the needy and poor (Ps 9:18-9:18)

“The needy shall not always be forgotten.

The hope of the poor shall not perish forever.”

Once again, we see the fate of the wicked versus that of the poor people. The poor will not always be forgotten. Thus it was obvious that sometimes they were forgotten. The biggest thing that the poor and needy have is hope. That hope will live forever. Without that hope, the poor and needy simple would become abandoned and lost.