Ishmael escapes to Ammon (Jer 41:15-41:15)

“But Ishmael,

The son of Nethaniah,

Escaped from Johanan

With eight men.

They went

To the Ammonites.”

Unfortunately this little escapade does not have a happy ending. Ishmael with 8 out of 10 of his trusty troops got away. They went to King Baalis in Ammon on the other side of the Jordan River.

Yahweh helped us escape (Ps 124:6-124:7)

“Blessed be Yahweh!

He has not given us

As prey to their teeth!

We have escaped

As a bird

From the snare of the fowlers.

The snare is broken.

We have escaped!”

Yahweh should be blessed because he has not given them over to the teeth of their enemies as prey. They had escaped like a bird from a snare trap. The snare trap was broken so that they were able to escape.