The king of the Arameans wants to capture Elisha (2 Kings 6:11-6:14)

“The mind of the king of Aram was greatly perturbed because of this. He called his officers and said to them. ‘Now tell me who among us sides with the king of Israel?’ Then one of his officers said. ‘No one of us, my lord king, is guilty! It is Elisha, the prophet of Israel, who tells the king of Israel the words that you speak in your bedchamber.’ He said. ‘Go and find where he is. I will send and seize him.’ He was told. ‘He is in Dothan.’ So he sent horses and chariots there with a great army. ”

The king of the Arameans was perturbed that there was a spy among his officers. He wanted to know who had taken sides with the king of Israel. One of his officers said that it was not any of them, but a prophet of Israel. This Elisha knew everything that the king said, even in his bed chamber. The king then said to go and find him. Once he found out that Elisha was in Dothan, he sent horses, chariots and a great army there. Dothan was about 12 miles north of Samaria. It also was the place where Joseph was sold by his brothers in Genesis, chapter 37, on route between Egypt and Syria.