Arabian tribes (Jer 25:23-25:24)

“I went to




I went to

All who have shaven temples.

I went

To all the kings

Of Arabia,

To all the kings

Of the mixed peoples

That live in the desert.”

Dedan, Tema, and Buz were desert tribes in northern Arabia. The shaven temple people were mentioned in chapter 9 as people who lived in the desert of Arabia. Thus Jeremiah went to all the kings of Arabia as well as all the mixed people who lived in the desert among the various Arab tribes.

Oracle about Babylon (Isa 21:1-21:1)

“The oracle

Concerning the wilderness of the sea.

As whirlwinds

In the Negeb sweep on,

It comes from the desert,

From a terrible land.”

This is an oracle about the wilderness of the sea. Although obscure, many believe this to be Babylon since the Euphrates River could be the wild sea indicated here. The whirlwinds of the Negeb are from the desert area south of Israel, formerly part of the Simeon territory that was considered a terrible land. These would be winds of change for the captured Israelites. In fact, it was the Persians who did defeat Babylon, not the Israelites. The Assyrians controlled Babylon at the time of Isaiah in the 8th century BCE.