A prophet appears to King Ahab (1 Kings 20:13-20:14)

“Then a certain prophet came up to King Ahab of Israel and said. ‘Thus says Yahweh. Have you seen this entire great multitude? I will give it into your hand today. You shall know that I am Yahweh.’ Ahab said. ‘By whom?’ He said. ‘Thus says Yahweh. By the young men who serve the district governors.’ Then he said. ‘Who shall begin the battle?’ He answered. ‘You.’”

A mysterious prophet of Yahweh appears on the scene. He is not Elijah or Elisha, because the biblical writer would have mentioned their names. This prophet told King Ahab that he would be successful today. King Ahab seems to equivocate. He wanted to know who this was. Once again the prophet said that Yahweh would lead a band of the young men from the district governors. Anyway King Ahab wanted to know who would begin the battle. He appeared surprised that it was he who would begin this battle.