Judas Maccabeus and Nicanor become friends (2 Macc 14:23-14:25)

“Nicanor stayed on in Jerusalem. He did nothing out of the way, but dismissed the flocks of people that had gathered. He kept Judas Maccabeus always in his presence. He was warmly attached to the man. He urged him to marry and have children. Thus Judas Maccabeus married, settled down, and shared the common life.”

There was no happy ending in 1 Maccabees, chapter 7, between these two men. Here Nicanor stayed in Jerusalem. He just kept people from gathering together. He became good friends with Judas Maccabeus. He even urged him to settle down, get married and have children, which Judas Maccabeus did. This should be that they lived happily ever after, but of course, there is more to come.