The deaf and blind people (Isa 42:18-42:21)


You deaf!

Look up!


You blind!

Who is blind but my servant?

Who is deaf?

Like my messenger whom I send?

Who is blind?

Like my dedicated one?

Who is blind?

Like the servant of Yahweh?

He sees many things.

But he does not observe them.

His ears are open.

But he does not hear.

Yahweh was pleased,

For the sake of his righteousness.

He wants to magnify his law.

He wants to make it glorious.”

This time in Second Isaiah, the servant of Yahweh is clearly the Israelite community that is blind and deaf to him. The deaf servant should listen and the blind servant should look up and see. These servants of Yahweh were blind and deaf messengers. They seem to see things, but they do not observe them. They seem to have their ears open, but they do not hear. Yahweh wanted to magnify his law and make it glorious, but it was difficult with these deaf and blind Israelite servants.